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Lunchtime Jams: Resurrected!

Lunchtime Jam w/ Jacquie, Donya & Olga 06.07.11

2010 Lunchtime Jam

Over the last few years, Gleneagle Music has made a habit of sharing live performances with the Ontario-based K12 web radio station, 105 the Hive. Our  Introduction to Guitar class has presented recitals on the air, we stream almost all of our concerts each year, and our ensembles and choirs shared tour stops in California live to listeners in Canada, Europe, New Zealand, and South America. By special request from a Gleneagle parent on vacation in Ireland last spring, we shared the entirety of the Voices Benefit Concert so he could hear his son play drums on a cover of Elvis Presley’s “Hound Dog.”

This Fall, a group of graduating seniors have been plotting a return of one of the early traditions of web radio in the choir and band rooms: the Lunchtime Jam.

Beginning this Thursday (October 3rd) on lunch hour, you’ll be able to stream live music directly from Gleneagle Music on 105 the Hive. Stay tuned, or say Hi! to our @GleneagleMusic Twitter feed, and join us via any of the means listed here to enjoy:

Listen to 105 the Hive

Screen shot 2013-10-02 at 9.32.16 PM

Kicking things off on Thursday are members of Gleneagle’s Alluvium, who may be joined by the guys from Knit Me a House.

Here’s Alluvium at last year’s Voices concert:


#Voices2013 brings out Gleneagle’s Talent!

Screen shot 2013-04-29 at 9.12.13 PM

Enjoy these archived recordings from a great night at Gleneagle Music benefiting Doctors without Borders.

Jeff Huggins live at Voices Benefit Concert 2011

Playing an original song, “Ms. Medicine.”

Music makes people happy and alive

An email I woke up to this morning:

Hi Mr. Jackson:

I think you might be asleep by now, but I wanted to share my thoughts. Tonight, I enjoyed so many great performances very much at the Voices concert. To confess, before I went I didn’t want to expect too much, as I thought it might be just a “kids” concert. But I was proud to attend and show my support for the students who had worked so hard, practiced so much, and were sharing their talents with the community.

Immediately, however, after just the first few songs, I realized how wrong I was. This was not just a “kids” concert. It was almost a professional concert. Even though they may not have had the best sound equipment, or perhaps instruments, I could feel the passion in their music. It was powerful and touching. Thrilling.

The best part was the finale. I thought for a moment as if I might almost cry. The music connected you and the students perfectly. and the warmth from the stage spread out to all of us. If there are any chances, or a “next time,” please keep performing with your students.

Music makes people happy and alive.

It was a wonderful night. I felt like I was young again.

Enjoy your night,

Victor H.