Gleneagle joins the Six String Nation

We were lucky tonight at Gleneagle to be paid a visit by Jowi Taylor and his wonderful project, the Voyageur Six String Nation Guitar. After meeting Jowi this summer at theUnplug’d conference, it was a great pleasure to have him tell this Canadian story as a fundraising event involving so many learners and parents in the Gleneagle family, […]

Vote for Your Favourite Gleneagle Anthem

Watch the video above to hear the songs & match them with their composers below: You can listen, and download each of the songs on Gleneagle Music’s SoundCloud page: “Talons Pride” by Conrad Chow “Gleneagle” by Hannah Park “Go Talons Go” by Jeff Huggins, Sam Naso and Kyle Araki

Spring Concert to be Broadcast on Internet Radio

In continuing to break out of the box of physical limitations around the performing arts (many of them only happen once: if you miss it, you miss it), and find new ways to preserve and otherwise share our department’s myriad wonderful concerts, improvisations, and tour stops, Gleneagle Music’s Spring Concert (June 9th – 7pm PST) […]

Music makes people happy and alive

An email I woke up to this morning: Hi Mr. Jackson: I think you might be asleep by now, but I wanted to share my thoughts. Tonight, I enjoyed so many great performances very much at the Voices concert. To confess, before I went I didn’t want to expect too much, as I thought it […]

“Home” on the Last Day of School

Though we may have a way to go before we catch up to Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros version of “Home,” we hope you enjoy the sing-along that broke out on the last day of school. A good day in June, and a great end to a terrific semester!