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Between classes at the Fine Arts Music School


30 Person Rock Band Gets Going…

We’re working on a new project in guitar this spring.

Concert Choir at the Powell River Vocal Summit

Solo by Nicholas Van der Velden, accompanied by Mr. Trovato.

Hallowe’en Jam with Mr. (Howlin’) Wolfson & Mr. Piratrovato

Very daro

Jeff and Kyle sing what they see in a horse-drawn carriage on the streets of Veradero, Cuba.

Conversational Percussion

Grade twelve Kyle Araki making friends at the School for the Arts in Mantanzas, Cuba.

Latin combo rehearses at Lunch

Inspired by a recent matinee visitors and Jazz Dinner Dance headliners Rumba Calzada, a group of Gleneagle jazz students tested out some latin rhythms over lunch this week.