Spring Concert to be Broadcast on Internet Radio

In continuing to break out of the box of physical limitations around the performing arts (many of them only happen once: if you miss it, you miss it), and find new ways to preserve and otherwise share our department’s myriad wonderful concerts, improvisations, and tour stops, Gleneagle Music’s Spring Concert (June 9th – 7pm PST) […]

Gleneagle Flickr set, and media accounts

Check out Gleneagle’s Cuba 2011 photoset on Flickr, and stay tuned for more recordings from this year’s inspiring tour to be shared on the Music Department’s Soundcloud account, as well as Mr. Jackson’s Youtube channel.

Guitar Presentation: Kiss Me

Throughout each term, guitar students are required to demonstrate their skill development in the course of several (individual or group) presentations. In committing to this emphasis on collaboration, there is an incentive for those with existing musical talents in singing or percussion lending their abilities to the daily practice and performances of others. On one […]

Fall Concert starts musical year with a Bang!

Last night, Gleneagle‘s Junior and Senior bands were joined by the Concert Choir, Jazz Band and Vocal Jazz groups in putting on the year’s first formal concert. Four hundred and fifty tickets – and then some – were sold, and a packed house spent the evening being rocked and rolled by the finest our music […]

The Late Slips cover Arcade Fire and Broken Social Scene

An early rehearsal (sans Kyle’s drums) of Arcade Fire’s “Wake Up.” Mr. Poka dropped by one day to help film this burgeoning version of Broken Social Scene’s “7/4 Shoreline.” A student-group which was convened to play at Gleneagle’s Voices 2010 Benefit Concert, Mr. J & The Late Slips enjoyed a run of rehearsals covering Canadian […]

Guitar class covers Hendrix, looks to crowd-source requests

This morning’s block one rehearsal of this week’s song, “All Along the Watchtower,” written by Bob Dylan and popularized by Jimi Hendrix. (You can view 12″ of block two’s rehearsal yesterday by clicking here.) Through playing and discussion, the class has learned the blues scale as it applies to playing lead guitar, as well as […]