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Summertime by the Hotel Lobby Band

Check out lead singer Larry Yso’s trumpet, trombone and spot-on Louis Armstrong impression (briefly supported by chaperone Phillip Crewe on percussion).


Gabriel’s Oboe | Concert Band featuring Terry at Fine Arts Music School in Matanzas, Cuba

Jungle Boogie live at the Resort Showcase

#Cuba2015 | St. Louis Blues at the VIP Dinner

At the end of our first full day in Cuba, vocal jazz students performed for the returning hotel guests at the seaside resort restaurant.

Hockey Night in Canada, live from Cuba

A crowd favourite in the lobby bar at our hotel.

Change the World at the Fine Arts Music School in Matanzas, Cuba

#Cuba2015 Tour Updates and Airport Broadcast


While our Internet access over the next week in Cuba will be spotty (at best), we are looking to be able to provide updates from this year’s tour via the school’s Twitter account (@gleneaglemusic), and in the weeks following the trip here on the music blog. To whet your appetite, you can enjoy some of the exploits from our previous Cuba visit in 2011 here, along with the above video compilation of our visit to the Matanzas Fine Arts Elementary School.

Here are a few of our choir students sight-singing along with choral students at the Matanzas Fine Arts High School we visited, as well.

And an impromptu performance by Steven and Kate with several Cuban dance students looking on.

A favourite from the 2011 tour, here are Jessica and Scott wowing our hotel lobby with a rendition of “the Prayer” on a very honky-tonking piano.

And Kyle practicing a little conversational percussion with a jazz student at the fine arts high school.

Along with these sorts of gems, this year we will again be broadcasting from our departure gate before heading south to the Carribean, live on DS106 Radio. You can tune in to this broadcast, beginning somewhere before our 8am boarding, by accessing the media player here: Staying tuned to the Music Department Twitter account will also keep you in the loop for this broadcast and other updates throughout the trip.

Wishing our traveling students a good night’s rest before our trip tomorrow, and our parent community many hearty thanks for their support to make this trip possible!