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Between classes at the Fine Arts Music School


Intro to Guitar: Open Online Invite Spring 2014

Raise a Hand

Hey there!

Yeah, you there landing at the Music at Gleneagle site.

Do you play the guitar (or did you even play along with us last year)? Do you want to learn, or maybe have friends, colleagues, teachers or students that might benefit from tapping into a community of learners improving their guitar playing?

In #IntroGuitar Open Online Participants are invited to browse the various assignments people in the course have created, request songs for the class to learn as a groupcreate your own new assignments for classmates to perform, and do as many (or as few, or as none) of the other assignments you choose for yourself. For more information on Open Online Participation, you can consult this page here:

But suffice it to say that there are no expectations, no apologies, or criteria for Open Online Participants: hopefully our little one-site schoolhouse provides you (or the folks you refer our way) with a little more motivation than learning guitar on your own might provide.

Folks wishing to explore the open online experience should enter their details in the attached Google Form (which is also available at the above link) to be invited as authors on the course site. You may have to create a WordPress account, but will receive instructions on logging in by email shortly after registering.

From there, you may (or may not: remember, no expectations!) wish to introduce yourself to the class community. You can peruse last semester’s Course Introductions here:

Another opening assignment you might enjoy is the Tell the Story of Your Guitarwhere you can introduce us to your instrumental companion(s). Feel free to share links or videos of people telling the stories of other notable guitars as well, as you can see collected under the assignment category:

More advanced assignments include the Asynchronous Jam, and Fake ______ Plays Real ______. But remember: you can make up your own assignments and create the pathways that others might follow toward learning.

By organizing the different assignments this way (by assignment Categories), our hope is that the #IntroGuitar site becomes a vibrant community of for-credit and open-online participants while the course is in session, as well as a lasting record and educational resource into the future. As Alan Levine described last year’s community, “it is not a class that teaches guitar but one where you can learn guitar.”

With a little help from our friends, we hope to make that even truer this time around.

Lunchtime Jams: Resurrected!

Lunchtime Jam w/ Jacquie, Donya & Olga 06.07.11

2010 Lunchtime Jam

Over the last few years, Gleneagle Music has made a habit of sharing live performances with the Ontario-based K12 web radio station, 105 the Hive. Our  Introduction to Guitar class has presented recitals on the air, we stream almost all of our concerts each year, and our ensembles and choirs shared tour stops in California live to listeners in Canada, Europe, New Zealand, and South America. By special request from a Gleneagle parent on vacation in Ireland last spring, we shared the entirety of the Voices Benefit Concert so he could hear his son play drums on a cover of Elvis Presley’s “Hound Dog.”

This Fall, a group of graduating seniors have been plotting a return of one of the early traditions of web radio in the choir and band rooms: the Lunchtime Jam.

Beginning this Thursday (October 3rd) on lunch hour, you’ll be able to stream live music directly from Gleneagle Music on 105 the Hive. Stay tuned, or say Hi! to our @GleneagleMusic Twitter feed, and join us via any of the means listed here to enjoy:

Listen to 105 the Hive

Screen shot 2013-10-02 at 9.32.16 PM

Kicking things off on Thursday are members of Gleneagle’s Alluvium, who may be joined by the guys from Knit Me a House.

Here’s Alluvium at last year’s Voices concert:

30 Person Rock Band Gets Going…

We’re working on a new project in guitar this spring.

Hallowe’en Jam with Mr. (Howlin’) Wolfson & Mr. Piratrovato

Sight-Singing with Fine Arts Highschool students in Matanzas, Cuba

Take Away Show: Oasis’ “Wonderwall”

Excellent revision of an acoustic classic by Olga Belikov, recorded on a spring day in grade twelve. It literally doesn’t get better.